About us

About Us

Industry-leading commission advance provider


Established in 2005 by the principals Richard Fay and Jonathan McLean.

Over $220M in commission advances since 2005. Now recognized as the industry-leading commission advance provider, we deal with residential, commercial and industrial real estate agencies and business brokers across Australia.

Agencies of all sizes use our services, from sole traders up to well established and very large agencies. Our client base includes independents together with members of Australia’s most successful real estate groups.

We are experts in providing agencies with immediate cash flow to match their bill flow.


Jonathan McLean

Jonathan has over 25 years experience in the corporate finance arena.

Why choose Express Commission

Deal with decision makers

At Express Commission you will deal directly with the principals and decision makers.

Relationships matter

Our focus is on building strong business relationships with our clients by providing them with prompt, personalised and confidential service.

We move fast

Same day Commission Advance funding for established clients, with new clients approved inside 24 hours.

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