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Frequently Asked Questions
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When I am feeling on top of things I find that I list and sell more homes. Express Commission helps me to avoid feeling stressed about paying my bills, so I reckon it has actually helped me to make money

  - Comment from an agent

Your service supports commission salespeople. If our salespeople feel happier and more stable we believe that this is helping to build a stronger business

Express Commission provides a valuable service to our office in a responsive, efficient and discrete manner

Frequently Asked Questions

How your agency can use Express Commission to enhance it's relationship with it's salespeople?

  • Increased Profitability & Retention Rates. Using Express Commission to provide a cash advance to a salesperson increases their feelings of financial stability. This creates a win win for the salesperson & the agency's listing, profitability and employee retention rates.
  • Stronger Employee Relationships. It allows the agency to actively assist it's sales people when cash flow issues arise from time to time without it having to be the "bank".
  • As a Novel Recruiting Tool. An agency can use our service as an incentive to attract a new recruit by offering to pay a new recruit the commissions on their first few sales as soon as the contracts are unconditional.
  • As an Incentive to Reward Top Sales Performers. Some employers use the service as sales incentive tool to reward top performers by giving them an immediate payment of one or more commissions as soon as the contracts are unconditional.

What Administration is involved if a salesperson I employ applies for a cash advance?

There are 3 simple steps:

Step 1. Online Application by the salesperson to Express Commission.

Step 2. Sign off by Express Commission and by the Agency.

We are careful to respect your existing Workplace and Employment Agreements. We will ask the agency to confirm the estimate of monies to be deducted from the commission for tax, wages, allowances, desk fees etc.

Step 3. Payment of the assigned commission to Express Commission following the settlement of the sale.

We invoice the agency for the agreed net amount of the assigned commission and request payment following settlement of the sale.

If you have any questions please contact us.