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Express Agent News
26 Oct 2016 issue

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Success Strategies

Believe in Yourself: 16 Basic Principles to Succeed

Anywhere, at any time, the real estate market is what you see it to be.

If you believe you can succeed in the market, then you can. If you believe that the market is a disaster for everyone, then you cannot.

If you think nothing else will happen today - then nothing will happen.

You can go to all the real estate classes you want and employ self-motivation to work harder, but if you do not believe in your own ability to succeed, it wonít happen. Of course, real estate professionals have to be realistic about the market in which they work. You canít constantly have 20% price increases along with 2% wage increases. That kind of market had to come to an end.

Real estate agents must face the truth of the current market. They must believe in their own abilities to manage and to sell homes in any market. Everything else is teachable, but believing in yourself has to come first.

Iíve developed 16 basic principles that allow a sales professional to have not just a good year, but an extraordinary year, regardless of the real estate market.

1.   Aim - You need to have a definite aim in life, not just a vague sense of what youíd like to be doing in a few years. This aim is what defines your days.
2.   Self-confidence - Every sales professional needs to develop a strong sense of confidence in his ability to do anything. Success is impossible without self-confidence.
3.   Initiative - If you donít take a chance, you donít stand a chance. Sales professionals are by nature risk-takers.
4.   Imagination - Every successful sales professional needs to be creative in developing solutions to the problems that occur in every transaction and in finding new ways to attract new business.
5.   Action - In order to be successful, you need to be active, not passive, particularly in a slow market.
6.   Enthusiasm - Enthusiasm builds confidence in you and in your clients. No one wants to work with an agent who lacks passion about real estate.
7.   Self-control - Times are tough, and agents, along with everyone else, can get frustrated. But expressing that frustration is one of the fastest ways to lose a client or a deal.
8.   Out Perform - Perform more work and better work than you are paid to perform - the greatest gift a real estate agent can give is great customer service, not an expensive closing gift.
9.   Develop an attractive personality - Everyone in the sales community needs to recognize the traits that make others comfortable and pleasant to be around, and develop these traits themselves.
10. Accurate thought - Would you want to work with a scatterbrain while making the largest investment of your lifetime?
11. Concentration - Clients need focused, thoughtful support more than ever.
12. Persistency - There is not one giant step that does everything. Itís a lot of little steps.
13. Failures - Learn to look at your failures as lessons to be learned, and they will have a positive impact on your life and career.
14. Tolerance and sympathy - If someone hurts you, learn to forgive them, and try to be understanding. Success is the greatest revenge.
15. Work ethic -
Develop the good work habits that earn you a reputation as one of the hardest-working agents in your market.
16. The Golden Rule - Ultimately, in real estate as in life, you reap what you sow.

By Mark Leader

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