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How it works

Frequently Asked Questions
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I would definitely recommend Express Commission to other Agents. They deposited $5000 into my account the day after my first application. The process was simple. They were friendly and efficient

A short note to thank you for the speedy service. I enjoyed not having to wait 90 days to collect my commission

Your Service was straight forward and let me put my commission to good use immediately. Keep up the good work

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A Commission Advance facility is a ready to use line of credit matched to agency sales

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Express Commission work?

Creating consistent cash flow and having adequate working capital is essential for agency growth.

Express Commission
offers a simple solution to the age old challenge to a real estate business of trying to match regular bills and commitments with irregular commission cash flow.

An Express Commission Advance bridges the gap between sale and settlement by turning your pending commissions into cash. Without loans, financials or hassles...

We also fund Vendor Paid Advertising that is to be collected at settlement.

Our service is generally confidential.

We will turn your commissions into cash within 4 hours*

Here's how it works:

Step 1.
You close the sale of a property.

Step 2.
As soon as the sale is unconditional, send the details of the sale and commission to us.

Step 3.
We make an immediate Commission Advance to you, up to 100% of the commission value less a reserve to cover our fees.

Step 4.
At settlement, you send us the commission. We keep the amount of the Commission Advance plus our fees, then refund you any balance.   

Express Commission provides fast and reliable Commission Advance finance to agencies Australia wide.

For more information call Richard Fay or Jonathan McLean on Ph 1300 738 211

*4 hour payment on a fully approved application lodged before 3pm EST. Does not apply to first time applications.


How much money can we get?

We will work with you to understand your business and put in place a Commission Advance Facility that may grow in line with your agency sales.

Your Commission Advance Facility is then ready to use whenever you like. Use your private logins to our site (available 24/7) to lodge your advance requests. 

We can make an immediate Commission Advance for you, up to 100% of the commission value less a reserve to cover our fees.  

At your choice, you can submit 1 or more commissions for funding.

At your choice, you can nominate the amount of any Commission Advance.


Who else uses Express Commission?

Recognized as the industry leading Commission Advance provider, we deal with residential, commercial and industrial real estate agencies and business brokers across Australia. 

Agencies of all sizes use our services, from sole traders up to well established and very large agencies. Our client base includes independents together with members of Australia’s most successful real estate groups. 

We specialise in confidential commission advance finance for Agency Principals. We focus on building strong relationships with our clients and understanding their business needs.

When you deal with us you will receive fast, reliable and personalised service.

For information ring Express Commission on Ph: 1300 738 211



How much does it cost?

Our clients tell us that using Express Commission to ensure strong and consistent cashflow really does help fund agency growth. 

There are no set-up costs or annual membership fees:

Our Commission Advance fees are collected at settlement and are calculated only on the amount of the Commission Advance, based upon the time to settle. 

The fees may be tax deductible if the Commission Advance is used mainly for business or investment related purposes. You should always check this with your financial advisors.

To find out how a Commission Advance may turbo-charge your agency growth please ring:

Richard Fay or Jonathan McLean on 1300 738 211


Can I use Express Commission if we already have an overdraft or business loan?

You can normally use Express Commission alongside any of your existing funding arrangements.

Unlike traditional bank loans we do not require security over real estate or have restrictive lending criteria based on years in business, profitability, cash flow and equity.


Can we repay the cash advance early?


You can repay a cash advance to Express Commission at any time with other funds instead of waiting for us to collect the commission following settlement.




Do I need a good credit rating?

At Express Commission you benefit by dealing directly with the decision makers.

If you are not sure whether you meet our funding guidelines please contact Richard Fay or Jonathan McLean at Express Commission for a confidential review.

Please be aware we may carry out a credit and probity check prior to approving any cash advance.


Can I get a cash payment against any type of contract?

Most, but not all contracts.

We provide a cash payment for the purchase of your earned but unsettled sales commission from the sale of real estate (including commercial, industrial property, rural or vacant land). 

  • The contract must be unconditional.
  • The Agency or Solicitors must be holding a deposit or deposit bond that covers the Agency's share of the commission.

At present our underwriting guidelines do not allow us to provide cash advances for "off the plan" construction or
where the sale & right to the commission is still subject to conditions such as a finance approval or registration of a new title or the completion of the building or building or pest inspections. 


What happens if my commission is cancelled or delayed?

We know from experience that over 90-95% of contracts will settle without significant problems. If settlement is delayed we provide an exclusive 14 day grace period.  

If settlement is cancelled or delayed for more than 14 days Express Commission will ask you to:

  • repurchase the commission from other funds or
  • assign other existing but unpaid commissions (that meet our underwriting guidelines) as backup to cover the original advance.




What can we use the money for?

It is up to you how you use the money.

Express Commission provide cash payments on the basis that you intend to use the money predominantly (i.e at least 51% of the money) for purposes related to your business or for investment. 

Express Commission do not provide consumer loans or credit.


Can I get a cash advance if I work as a contracted salesperson for an agency?


The agency enters into an agreement with us. We also ask the agency to confirm the amount of money that they will deduct from the commission for wages, allowances, desk fees or tax etc.


How do we keep track of different deals?

When you apply for a cash advance from Express Commission you will receive a password protected online client account (see the client account demo tab on this page).

Your client account allows you to easily keep track of different deals, apply for new advances, check your account balances or make repayments at any time.


How do I get started?

Getting your first cash advance from Express Commission is simple, fast & reliable.

Go to our how to get started page for details.

Call Express Commission on Ph 1300 738 211.